About MOTĖ

We are a Lithuanian jewelry brand, with a heart for designing unique, Baltic pagan symbolism and nature-inspired jewelry that encourages you to be confident with your style. All pieces are designed and made by hand at our studio and shipped to you from Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Our Story
Nice to meet you and welcome to the jewelry store by Motė. My name is Akvilė and I'm the owner of this tiny business.

I started creating and making jewelry just a little more than three years ago, but it’s safe to say that my jewelry journey started even before I knew it. My mom is a certified jeweler, but she had to sell all of her equipment after I was born and she never came back to this trade, although you could always see her inclination for unique jewelry. I, on the other hand, never knew what exactly my passion was. I tried many forms of art – from painting to creating music, from clay modeling to dancing, but I never felt very good at any of this. Anyway, back in my teenage years, I even tried making jewelry, but then I failed miserably because of a lack of information on working with certain metals. I kept trying from time to time, but it was never successful. The real magic happened, as I mentioned, a little bit more than three years ago when one of my friends signed me up for a short introductory course on jewelry making. This course gave me only the basic knowledge of working with metal, but that was a turning point I could start from, and I felt like I’d finally found my place.

Since that time, I’ve never stopped searching for inspiration, ideas, and information and never doubted myself. I’ve made great progress, and my mother is actually the first to see all of my created jewelry. She, and the rest of my family, are my number one fans.

Many of my works are inspired by nature and Baltic pagan symbols. It’s because, as far as I can remember myself, nature was always essential to me. My happy places were forests and rivers, grass fields and lakes. I felt a little bit different with my passion for nature, which grew up along with me. Later on, in my life, I started to see nature as inspiration – so many flowers, birds, and animals all around us, just waiting to be noticed. So I tried my best to observe everything nature gives us to use it in my works.


AKVILĖ – the one “behind the wheel”. Some might call her a “one-man orchestra” because here she’s both jeweler and designer, photographer and model, packer and sender, and from now on apparently web page creator too. She really enjoys singing, eating pizzas, being anywhere in nature (except for winter, nope), riding a motorcycle, but especially – creating jewelry. She’s constantly fighting the urge to keep for herself everything she creates for you. 

BRUKNĖ – emotional support manager. She’s making sure that all the work would be done before “going outside time”. Always ready to help to search for the lost pieces and stones (yet she’s not sure what we’re looking for). On rare occasions works as a jewelry model too. Can’t resist eating snow (not jewelry-related, but very important).


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